Additional services

Transfer, photo-shoot, tours of Barcelona and beyond


At your request, we can provide you with a pick-up or drop-off at the Barcelona’s airport or train station, ​​or give you a ride to any of our apartments and back to the airport. You can also rent a car and a driver during your stay in Barcelona.


The best way to bring home the bright and colorful impressions of your trip, especially from Barcelona – is to order a photo shoot with a professional photographer.
If you are planning a wedding, honeymoon or just a family vacation, you can top up your family archive with photos that will radiate magic, exquisite style and your unique personality in an atmosphere of ancient and modern European streets, squares and parks.
Our company will be happy to take over the hassle for organizing your shooting.

Cleaning, ironing

While on vacation, the last things you would like to do are the household chores. After all, this is your well-deserved rest and you did come to enjoy the holiday, beautiful views, and each other, and not to think about cleaning and ironing. Let us take care of all your needs! If you prefer, you can order this additional service. For a small fee, the cozy apartment will be always clean and tidy. And your clothes will be washed and ironed. You just need to enjoy your holiday, this wonderful city, the Mediterranean cuisine and positive emotions!

Tours of Barcelona and beyond

Travelling to another city, some think that it’s easy to get around without a guide, but in practice, a strange place feels a lot more comfortable if there is a man who knows the city. This is especially important if you find yourself in a foreign country where there are a lot of different obstacles, including language. That is why the guide in Barcelona will be your best assistant while traveling. The main objective of the guide is to make your vacation or working visit easier, more interesting, useful and informative. Guide to Barcelona will help the traveler in any matter, from the simplest – at which shop is better to buy fruit for breakfast, to the very unusual, for example, how to get a ride on helicopter, boat or hot air balloon.

We have a range of interesting excursions, within Barcelona and beyond. Please refer to our managers, and we will be happy to pick up a tour for you, based on your taste, preferences and interests.

Professional translation, business travel, meetings

Translator in Barcelona – this is the necessity faced by any person who visited Spain. While in Barcelona on vacation or temporary stay, in one way or another, you will be faced with the problem of the Spanish language. Ordinary life situations, such as to how to renovate the house or to buy materials, find a profitable product or to bargain with suppliers, provide the documents or negotiate with potential partners, and more, sometimes it is very difficult to do by yourself in a foreign country without knowing the language.
Our professional translator, who lives in Barcelona, can help you a lot, and our negotiating experience will make you feel confident and comfortable.

Medical assistance

Our company offers its customers a complete package of services for the organization of medical care to the best clinics of Barcelona.

You will need:

  • Accurate diagnosis?
  • Treatment?
  • Surgery?
  • Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery?
  • Rehabilitation treatment?
  • Planning birth abroad?
  • We will take care of the organization of your medical care abroad!